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April 2011
I relocated for work, and this is the part of the message I sent to my HR department after I bought my house and finished the relocation process: “For realtors, I actually used a woman not on the list you provided, but she was fantastic to work with and I *highly* recommend her if you want to add her to the list of realtors you provide. Her name is Kristin Dillon-Johnson, and she works mainly in Loudoun county but is willing to show homes just about anywhere. She was extremely easy to work with even when I was still in LA and we had to work remotely. When I came here for the house hunting trip, she organized everything so well that we were able to see 16 houses in 36 hours (which was needed since I was only available for just over 2 days). Once we found a house that we were interested in, it was only 4 weeks until we closed and everything she handled ran incredibly smoothly. On top of that, she’s just a nice, honest, reliable person that we were really able to count on in the final days.”
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